Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Coding Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Coding Solutions

Cash is the lifeblood of your organization, driving each and every operation.  In today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s critical to apply methodologies that enable you to enhance your cash position.  AVEC understands this and provides solutions that enhance your overall operational performance, improve financial strength and provide your organization with greater ability to focus on core competencies.

Partnering with AVEC delivers:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduced Costs
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Improved Operational Performance
  • Certified Coding and Billing FTEs
  • Ability to be Nimble and Respond Quickly to Industry Changes
  • Minimize Risk
  • No More Employee Turnover
  • Focus on Providing Quality Care

AVEC means ‘together’ or ‘with’.  And that is precisely how we approach each partnership.  We work tirelessly ‘with’ our clients to understand their exact needs, and ‘together’ implement appropriate solutions to accomplish desired objectives.

AVEC Health is a leader in providing tailored Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions that positively affect the bottom line of forward-thinking hospitals across the nation. Today’s healthcare executives face a number of compounding problems such as; growing financial pressures, large numbers of uninsured patients, ever changing regulations, higher costs, lower reimbursements, and difficult to find local labor force resources.  All these contribute to a complex Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) environment that increases overhead and decreases profitability. AVEC understands these daily pressures. As a strategic Revenue Cycle BPO partner, AVEC will relieve the daily financial burden created by changes in the way modern hospitals function, and will seamlessly integrate with your operations to provide progressive world-class results.

AVEC provides a number of solutions across the entire Revenue Cycle continuum.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

Extended Business Office (EBO) Solutions

Utilizing AVEC’s Extended Business Office (EBO) solutions, hospitals can achieve significant Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) improvements and efficiencies.  These include items such as; fewer denials, lower AR days, increased collections, increased cash on hand, reduced patient and payer collection costs, and lower overall administrative costs. Visit our Extended Business Office (EBO) Solutions Page.

Revenue Cycle BPO / Full Outsourced Model

AVEC has developed a proven, end-to-end, revenue cycle solution based on the measured value we deliver to healthcare providers.  This model includes; a distinctive operating partnership, an aligned financial relationship, coupled with leading-edge resource and technology positioning.  The end result is a solution that reduces RCM costs and increases efficiency and profitability. Visit our Revenue Cycle BPO / Full Outsourced Model page for more info.

Night Hawk Program

AVEC’s Night Hawk program provides an unprecedented level of customized workforce optimization options for today’s healthcare finance challenges. We start work when your day ends. AVEC resources are often engaged so that a provider’s patient accounting staff can focus on what they deem most important. Learn more about our Night Hawk program here.

Legacy A/R Clean Up and Project Work

AVEC provides effective billing, collection and liquidation strategies specific to a provider’s soon-to-be replaced AR system, allowing internal resources to focus on the implementation, training and utilization of the new system. Learn more about A/R Clean Up and Project Work.


AVEC offers a the following consulting services: Revenue Cycle Assessment (Front-End to Back-End Operations), Revenue Cycle Optimization (Billing, Staffing, Workflow), Revenue Cycle Design Services (System Optimization, Technical Review), Quality/Productivity Program Design, Full-Service EBO Consulting, Self-Pay Consulting Projects, Insurance Consulting Projects, System Conversion/Optimization. Visit our Consulting page for more info.

Our Coding Solutions

Coding Services

AVEC’s Coding Services provide temporary, long term, or complete Coding Department outsourcing solutions for all account types and reimbursement methodologies.  We offer flexible remote coding solutions specifically designed to fit your needs and your budget.  Our expertly trained credentialed coders have vast experience with inpatient, outpatient, clinic, and professional fee coding.  AVEC’s coders adhere to strict coding compliance and quality standards that result in high-quality, accurate code assignment—guaranteed! Learn more about AVEC Coding Services.

Coding Audit Services

It’s critical to know that your coding is compliant and profitable. Incorrect coding frequently leads to compliance issues, reduced reimbursement, and increased payor audits and denials. AVEC Coding Audit Services gives you peace of mind by identifying code assignment errors, under-coding and over-coding.  Our team of coding experts audit patient accounts from a variety of healthcare settings and account types.  Learn more about AVEC Coding Audit Services.

ICD-10 Services

AVEC provides comprehensive ICD-10 transition services for integrated health systems, hospitals, and a multitude of outpatient centers, clinics, and physician practices. Through our work with current clients, we have developed proven approaches to mitigating issues and achieving benefits of the migration and can apply this knowledge to your organization. Read more about AVEC ICD-10 Services.

Health Information Management Services

AVEC provides world-class Health Information Management Services to health systems, hospitals, and a variety of outpatient care delivery settings.  Our executive leadership team and HIM professionals are industry leaders who have managed HIM departments in large and small hospitals and health systems, hold leadership roles in professional HIM organizations, author HIM textbooks and articles, and speak nationally on HIM hot topics. Learn more about AVEC HIM Services.

Coding Services as low as $25/hr

Get the Highest Quality ICD-10 Coding Services Guaranteed for $25/hour. 

About AVEC Health Solutions

We enable our healthcare partners to thrive and grow by delivering large system revenue management solutions at industry beating rates. We empower our partners to prosper by maximizing their revenue opportunities and facilitating focus on patient care. We achieve our goals through delivering world-class financial results via the most nimble infrastructure available today.