Introducing AVEC Health. The most flexible Revenue Cycle Solution available today. Over 1,200 Billing and 900 Coding Specialists. Tailored Solutions. Your Processes, Your Procedures, Our People.



The ability to be nimble in today’s healthcare environment may determine whether you stay in business, or not. Healthcare facilities today face numerous obstacles and increasing pressure in their efforts to control costs. A tight labor market, decreasing reimbursements, increasing cost structure, an ever-changing regulatory environment, and a complex payer mix. These and many other challenges simultaneously impact healthcare providers on a variety of fronts: revenue, costs, risk exposure, and outcomes.


At AVEC Health we understand this. That’s why we have designed flexible Revenue Cycle solutions to meet the continual changing needs of organizations like yours, allowing you to focus on financial stability. AVEC takes away the daily distractions, letting you to focus on core competencies and delivering quality healthcare.

AVEC offers solutions across the entire Revenue Cycle continuum.

Revenue Cycle Management
RCM Solutions


  • 24/7 staffing solutions
  • Improved financial and operational performance
  • Increase cash on hand and revenue
  • Decrease in costs
  • Decrease in AR days
  • Minimize risk
  • Nimble: ability to respond quickly to industry changes
  • Focus on core competencies and providing quality care

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